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CEO Greeting

Union Light Co., Ltd., is the largest comprehensive developer of lighting equipment in Korea,
with products such as emergency lighting and 40 plus types of rechargeable lighting.

It was established on March 21, 1987 as
Union Electronics with the new name since 2001.

Union Light has been INNOBIZ certied by the Small
and Medium Business Administration, obtained the
Q mark and superior product developer GQ mark from
KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute), and is
enforcing a perfect product warranty system according
to the ISO KS A9001/2001, with proven performance
and functions through the supply of products to
domestic businesses, military, police, and rehouses.

Especially, it has obtained the UL mark (international
safety standards) and has been selected as a promising
small and medium exporter. Union Lighting is
ceaselessly endeavoring to achieve its objective of
the world’s best developer, with the international
market pioneering spirit.

Also, its role and function as safety equipment for power failure or natural disasters has been recognized, leading to
the highest honor for a manufacturer, the Grand Prize of Korea Safety, not to mention the Prime Minister’s Award in the
Korea Electric Culture Prize.
Union Light Co., Ltd. has grown with the history of “Harmony, Creation, Prosperity” with the calling of development of
national economy and contribution to human society.

CEO Won Cheol-sang